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50mg THC Gummies (10x50mg)

Eden Edibles 50mg THC Gummies are high quality edibles that are artisanal and vegan. They only use natural ingredients in their recipe and lab tested cannabis concentrates to offer consistent effects. Easy to transport and perfect to take care of yourself and finally enjoying a product of great taste quality. 50mg is a great dosage for advanced users. It can even be split into two parts of 25mg in order to have a light buzz. Both dosages are great for recreational and medicinal purposes. Choose between Sativa and Indica type of edibles to get the effects you are looking for. Eden Edibles 50mg THC Gummies definitely heighten any experience.
Total Cannabinoids 500mg THC
Content 10 x 50mg THC
Dosage Start with 1 gummy and allow an 90min for full effect to kick
Effects Pain, Energy, Fun, Focus (Sativa). Pain, Anxiety, Fun, Sleep (Indica)