If you’re searching for THC vape pens and carts in Canada, at Distillate Express we have a great selection to choose from. Vape pens is getting one of the most popular way to consume cannabis as offer a discreet and safe way to consume cannabis, without all the harsh smoke from the weed. We carry disposable pens and vape cartridges in Strain specific, but also Distillate or Live Resin Carts, so you can find the perfect vape for your needs. Check out our selection today and find the perfect Weed pen for you!

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THC Vape Cartridges 1gram

Our distillate carts are made with premium-grade distillate and are engineered to deliver the most flavourful vapour. Every batch of distillate is lab-tested (92-95% THC) to ensure quality and consistency in every inhale. Each cartridge contains 1000mg of THC Distillate, housed in a 1.0mL TH2 cartridge. Distillate Xpress Carts carry 2% of natural terpenes that allows you to get the entourage effect of cannabis. You have the choice between Sativa and Indica types of carts to get the effects you are looking for. We also carry bulk THC distillate and distillate syringes if you are interested in other variations of this product. All our Distillate comes from the most reliable producers in BC, Canada!

THC Distillate Carts Infos

  • Lab Tested
  • Distillate THC Potency: 92-95%
  • CCELL Cartridge (510 thread)
  • 1000mg Distillate Carts
  • 2% Natural Terpenes for a better entourage effect
  • Made in British Columbia

Live Resin Vape Carts

Our live resin carts are made with a mix of high grade live resin and THC distillate to get a flavourful and smooth smoking experience. Every batch of live resin is lab-tested to ensure quality and consistency in every inhale. Engineered to deliver the most flavourful vapour, every cartridge contains 1000mg of concentrates, housed in a 1.0mL TH2 cartridge. If you are looking for high terpene carts as opposed to distillate carts, live resin carts are made for you!

Live Resin Carts info

Phenotype Sativa, Indica or Hybrid
THC Content 80%+
Content 1-gram
Ingredients 60% Live Resin / 40% THC Distillate

THC Vape Kit (Cart + Battery)

Get your THC Vape Kit today, it includes Cartridge + USB Charger together, so you can start smoking our products! Save a few bucks on the way with this combo deal. Our carts are made from Live Resin or Distillate (+2% Natural Terpenes) for those looking to experience something different than just marijuana's psychoactivity or medicinal properties - we've got Sativa as well Indica varieties available at this price point if that suits what kind of high (or mood!) is best suited towards hitting hard during times when stress becomes too much.. The 510 battery comes included in every order but additionally includes its very own personal charger which will keep things charged up wherever life takes us THC Vape kit available at $39 and Live Resin Vape kit at $49. If you like extra terpenes and flavour to your vape we recommend that you try our live resin carts! For a more classic vape experience our Distillate Carts will do the job!

Buy THC Vape Pens & Carts in Canada

When it comes to buying thc vape pens in Canada, you have a few options. You can buy them from your local dispensary, but the selection is usually limited and the prices can be high. Alternatively, you can buy them from a reliable online dispensary. Online dispensaries usually have a much wider selection of thc vape pens, and they often offer unbeatable prices. Plus, you don't have to worry about driving to a dispensary and dealing with crowds. You can simply order your thc vape pen online and have it delivered straight to your door. So if you're looking for the best selection and the best prices, we suggest that you take a look at Distillate Xpress inventory!

Vaping has become one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis, especially among those who are looking for a discreet and convenient way to enjoy its benefits. And what better way to vape than with a THC vape pen or cartridge?

THC vape pens and cartridges are designed to be used with specific vaporizers that heat up the cannabis oil inside to create a smooth and flavourful vaping experience. And because they come in such a wide variety of strains and flavours, there's sure to be one that's perfect for you! So whether you're looking for a Sativa-leaning hybrid to help you power through your day or an Indica-dominant strain to help you relax and unwind at night, we've got just what you need.

There are a few different types of THC Vapes. The first type and most popular is the oil vape pen. The oil inside this pen is usually a mix between distillate and terpenes, however you can find with other material such as live resin or sauce, which give an enhanced flavour to the product.

Weed vape pens come in two varieties: disposable and cartridges. Disposable oil vape pens are designed for single use, and can be tossed out after the cannabis oil has been used up. Cartridge-based oil vape pens are slightly more complicated, as they require the user to replace the cartridge when it is empty. These types of vape pens are popular among those who prefer cannabis oils and tinctures, as they offer a convenient way to consume these products.

The second type of THC vape pen is the dry herb vape pen. Dry herb vape pens are designed for vaporizing dried cannabis flowers. These types of vape pens typically feature a chamber that can be filled with ground-up Cannabis sativa buds. When the chamber is heated, the cannabinoids in the weed are vaporized, and can then be inhaled by the user. Dry herb vape pens offer a more traditional cannabis experience, and are popular among those who enjoy smoking marijuana joints or pipes.

The third type of THC vape pen is the dab pen. Dab pens are designed for vaporizing concentrated forms of cannabis, such as waxes and oils. Dab pens typically feature a titanium coil atomizer, which heats up quickly and provides excellent results. Dabbing is becoming increasingly popular among cannabis users, as it offers a potent dose of THC in a small amount of product. Whether you prefer dabbing or traditional smoking, there is a THC vape pen out there that is perfect for you.

The amount of hits you can get from a THC vape pen cartridge depends on a variety of factors, including the viscosity of the oil, the charge level of your battery and type of battery, and the humidity of your environment. Generally speaking, a 1g cart should be able to give you roughly 300 hits, but this number can vary depending on how hard you pull and how long you hold each hit. The viscosity of the concentrate and the potency of the final product also plays a role.

Each hit will get you on average 2-3mg of THC depending on the factors above. So within a few hits you should get what you need, especially if you are beginner with THC Vapes and concentrates.

give you the price for 1g Weed Vapes. Disposable vape pens are typically the most expensive option, costing between $40 and $50 each. THC Cartridges typically cost between $30 and $40 each. If you buy them in larger quantities and bul, you can get them from $19. The price of thc vape pens can also vary depending on the brand, type of cannabis oil (Distillate, Live Resin?), and the size of the cartridge or pen. 0.5g THC Vapes will basically cost $10 less than the others

Vaping has become a popular way to consume cannabis, thanks to its many benefits. By vaporizing the plant material, users can reduce their exposure to carcinogens, enjoy better taste and smell, and make the most of cannabis' active ingredients. Additionally, vape pens are much more convenient than smoking, and can save users money in the long run. Whether you're new to cannabis or a seasoned pro, vaping is definitely worth considering.

  1. Step #1. Take the vape out of the package.
  2. Step #2. If there is a button, press it to turn on the indication light. If there isn't a button, move on to step 3.
  3. Step #3. Inhale slowly and deeply via the mouthpiece. ...
  4. Step #4. Take a deep breath and exhale the vapour.

Using a disposable vape is easy and straightforward. And when you're done, simply toss it in the bin - no messy clean-up required!

Most vape pens on the market are made from distillate, which is a highly refined form of cannabis concentrate that contains high levels of THC. While distillate vape pens provide a strong and potent high, they can lack in flavour. This is why producers usually add natural terpenes to distillate. For a more flavourful experience, you can look for vape pens made with live resin or sauce. These products are made from cannabis that has been freshly harvested and quickly frozen, preserving the plant's natural terpenes. This provides a more authentic strain-specific experience that many cannabis enthusiasts prefer.