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AAAA Weed Shake ($29oz)

Discover the pinnacle of cannabis excellence with AAAA Weed Shake. This extraordinary blend combines the finest quality indica strains into a potent and versatile product. Each bag is meticulously crafted, ensuring a harmonious blend of trichome-rich buds, fragrant aromas, and exceptional potency. Experience the convenience and value of this premium shake, perfect for rolling joints, making edibles, or extracting concentrates. Buy AAAA Weed Shake now and elevate your cannabis experience to new heights. Unleash the power of top-tier weed with this exceptional indica blend. AAAA  WEED SHAKE INFO
Grade AAAA
Phenotype Indica
Effects Relaxing, “body high” effects. Great for anxiety, stress relief, pain relief, insomnia, etc.
Use Can be smoked, vaporized, turned into edibles
Flavours Citrus, earthy tones
Made in British Columbia