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Best Deals for Cheap Shatter in Canada

cheap shatter deals in canada

Looking for cheap shatter deals in Canada? You’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we will discuss the best shatter deals available in Canada. Some people want to buy quality shatter at a cheap price, while others just want to find the cheapest shatter available online in this article we have your back for both options.

We’ll start by talking about what shatter is and then move on to the price of shatter per gram, ounce and pound. Next, we’ll discuss the different types of cheap shatter available in Canada (trim run and nug run) and provide some great deals for each type. Finally, we’ll talk about ounces of shatter and bulk shatter deals. So whether you’re looking for a cheap $10 gram shatter or an affordable bulk deal, we’ve got you covered!

What is shatter and what are its benefits

Shatter is a type of cannabis concentrate that is made by extracting the THC-rich oil from the plant material. The oil is then purified and processed to remove impurities, resulting in a product that is usually around 75% THC. Shatter is known for its high potency and long-lasting effects, making it a popular choice among cannabis users. Shatter consistency is usually very brittle and breakable (hence the name shatter) glass-like. The colour of shatter can also range from clear to amber, depending on the purity of the extract. More on that on the “different type of shatter” part.

The price of shatter in Canada per gram, ounce and pound

People are asking a lot “what is the price of shatter?” on the internet, and in Canada you can find price for shatter that goes x2 x3 sometimes. So we need to give you a price range that is relevant.

Usually, the price of shatter in Canada can vary depending on the quality of the product and the seller. However, Top shelf shatter is available for $30-$50 per gram from Canada’s dispensary storefronts, but you can find the same quality at much lower prices online. You can expect to pay anywhere from $20-$30 per gram, $350-$500 per ounce, and $4000-$6000 per pound from reliable online dispensaries in Canada.

When it comes to lower grade shatter, which usually look darker than high grade products, you should pay around $15 per gram and no more. Nothing wrong about this product you just need to know what you are buying.

Fair price chart for shatter

  • Single gram – $20 to $30
  • Half ounce of shatter (14 grams) – $200 to $300
  • 1 ounce of shatter (28 grams) – $350 to $500
  • One pound of wholesale shatter (16 ounces) – $4000 to $6000

The best deals on Shatter Available in Canada

Quantity Strain Price Type
1gr Tangie Breath (Sativa) $19 Nug Run
3.5gr Wedding Cake (Indica) $49 ($14/gr) Nug Run
14gr (Half Oz) Girl Scout Cookies (Indica) $169 ($12/gr) Nug Run
28g (Oz) White Widow (Hybrid) $280 ($10/gr) Nug Run
112g (Quarter Pound) Strawberry Cough (Sativa) $949 ($8.5/gr) Nug Run
224g (Half Pound) Green Crack (Sativa) $1790 ($8/gr) Nug Run
448g (Pound) Gorilla Glue #4 $3190 ($7/gr) Nug Run

The different types of cheap shatter: trim run and nug run

nug run shatter

As mentioned before, there are two main types of cheap shatter available in Canada trim run and nug run. Trim run is the lower quality product made from the leaves and trim of the cannabis plant. Nug run is the higher quality product made from the actual buds of the plant. Obviously, nug run is going to be more expensive than trim run. However, both types of cheap shatter can be found at a variety of different price points depending on where you look. Here are the differences between both shatter. You can see that nug run is clear and golden, while trim run shatter much darker (cf picture below).

trim run shatter

The best deals for $10 shatter are typically going to be for trim run products. These are generally lower in THC content and may not be as potent as some of the higher quality shatters on the market. However, if you’re looking for a cheap way to try out shatter for the first time, trim run products are a great option. If you’re willing to spend a bit more money, you can find some great deals on nug run shatter. These products are typically more potent and have a higher THC content. However, they can also be more expensive. If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, nug run shatter is definitely the way to go.

Cheap shatter deals per gram ($10, $15 and $20)

In Canada, the sweet price to get your shatter per gram is between $10 and $20. We will show you can get these cheap shatter deals that are currently being offered in Canadian dispensaries.

How to find $10 per gram Shatter?

You can find cheap shatter deals of $10 per gram. At this price you will usually get Trim run cheap shatter for a single gram. While it is a great price we don’t recommend you smoking these shatter, it will most likely be hard on your throat and lungs. The best way to get this $10 price is honestly to purchase in quantity (usually 2 ounces = 56 grams and over), another way to get this pricing for a single gram is if your dispensary is running a sale or special deal! This way you have both Nug run shatter and an incredible price at $10 per gram. At Distillate Xpress we have $10 Shatter made with nug Run, please take a look below to get the deal!

What about $15 Shatter

While $10 shatter may be tempting due to its low price tag, it is often of lower quality than $15 shatter. This is because $15 shatter typically comes from high-quality nug runs, whereas $10 shatter can be made from trim or even low-quality buds. In my experience, $15 shatter tends to be cleaner and more potent than cheaper varieties, making it the better choice for anyone looking for a great cannabis experience.

At this price range, I have found that online dispensaries often host shatter sales or other promotions at this price tag in order to attract customers, so it is easy to get your hands on some top-quality shatter at this price. Even if you can’t find a single gram at this price you can be sure to find $15/gr shatter if you buy an ounce of shatter.

Finally $20 Shatter

When it comes to quality shatter at an affordable price, $20 shatter is the go-to option. This grade of shatter is made from nug run AAA to AAAA quality strains, depending on whether or not you are able to get it on sale when you buy it. Compared to other cheaper options, $20 shatter is noticeably clearer and has a characteristic snap that lets you know that it is top-quality. I have tried this kind of shatter myself and found that it holds up very well against more premium, high-end options.

The biggest difference between $20 shatter and these higher-end brands is its taste and smoothness versus harshness; however, overall, the quality is not compromised in any significant way. If you’re looking for a great bang for your buck, $20 shatter is definitely the perfect choice. If you want to get $20 shatter price per gram, you will probably find for single grams but worst case scenario you will have to buy 7g or 14g to get this pricing.

Deals on ounces of shatter

If you’re looking for cheap shatter deals by the ounce, there are a few ways to go about it. One is to find bulk shatter deals, which we’ll talk more about later. The other is to look for special offers from individual dispensaries or online retailers.

For example, many dispensaries offer an ounce of shatter for around $400. However, some retailers will offer specials on ounces of shatter, such as $290 for an ounce or $280 for an ounce. At Distillate Xpress we alway carry shatter ounces at this price, so that people can try and enjoy high quality shatter without breaking the bank.

Bulk shatter deals

bulk shatter slab

When looking for cheap shatter, the best shops to turn to are online dispensaries that specialize in bulk concentrates. These sites typically offer bulk shatter by ounce, allowing you to buy large quantities at a time at a lower price. Additionally, some dispensaries even sell bulk shatter by the quarter pound or half pound, making it possible to purchase much larger amounts at once.

So if you’re looking for a great deal on high-quality shatter, be sure to check out online dispensaries that cater specifically to bulk concentrates like shatter. With these types of shops, you can be sure to get your hands on some of the best deals on high-quality shatter available anywhere. You can find shatter as low as $8 per gram with these Bulk concentrate Dispensaries.

Where to buy cheap shatter in Canada?

Now that you know all about cheap shatter deals in Canada, you’re probably wondering where you can actually find these products. The best place to start your search is online. There are a variety of different online retailers that sell cheap shatter.

When looking for the best cheap of shatter online, it’s important to do your research and shop around. Many online dispensaries carry large selections of different shatter strains, from low-grade to high-grade. Shatter is a popular cannabis concentrate that comes in a variety of different strains and qualities, so it’s key to look for an online dispensary that rotates its inventory quickly. This allows them to offer a large selection at all times and gives customers the chance to purchase ounces of shatter in mix and match packs at discounted prices.

By choosing one of these popular online dispensaries, you can also find coupons available, you can check Cannabis Vouchers for example and get up to 20% Off your order!



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Top 3 Online Dispensaries for Cheap Shatter

Here is the top 3 Online Dispensaries when it comes to buy cheap shatter in Canada:

  • Distillate Xpress: our MOM features a nice selection of premium nug-run AAAA shatter from BC best producers that’s always on sale at $19 per gram. Looking for bigger quantities? Get up to a Pound of shatter at $7 per gram, we have unbeatable price in Canada. If it’s your first order with us, use the coupon code for $20 off your order. Coupon Code: FIRST20
  • Cannawholesalers: their MOM is one of the OG in Canada their are dedicated to bulk orders and wholesale weed, you probably understood it with their name. You can easily get $20 per gram of shatter when buying from them. You can buy up to 4 ounces with them so you should have enough for a while if you order on their store.
  • THC The Herb Center: Big player in Shatter, they have a wide selection at great price! Price per gram starts at $17 and if you get ounces you will get $14/gram. Their are a reliable online dispensary, but not the cheapest in the market!

Check out the table below for more details about each Mail Order Marijuana price for shatter:

Quantity Distillate Xpress Cannawholesalers The Herb Center
1gr $19 $24 $18
3.5gr $49 ($14/gr) $75 ($22/gr) $60 ($17/gr)
14gr (Half Oz) $169 ($12/gr) $220 ($15.7/gr) $195 ($14/gr)
28g (Oz) $280 ($10/gr) $425 ($15/gr) $385 ($13.7/gr)
112g (Quarter Pound) $949 ($8.5/gr) $1600 ($14.3/gr) X
224g (Half Pound) $1790 ($8/gr) X X
448g (Pound) $3190 ($7/gr) X X

The Bottom Line for Cheap Shatter

With so much offer available in Canada it makes things really hard for consumers to buy shatter at the best price. In this article we’ve reviewed the different types of shatter, the price from a single gram up to a pound as well as the different deals that you can find in order to save your bucks! With all this knowledge you should be able to buy Shatter on your own and find the juicest deals available.

You should always check what is available on the market and check the price across multiple online dispensaries. However you will notice that at Distillate Xpress we offer the best quality available in Canada and at the best price! So if you don’t want to spend too much time searching for the best deals you can rely on us and we will make sure that you are satisfied with our products, price and quantity that we are offering!

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