THC Distillate FAQ

Can I put distillate in a vape?

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Yes, you can put distillate in a vape. In fact, many people prefer to vape distillate because it is a more concentrated form of THC. This means that you will get a stronger high from vaping distillate than you would from smoking marijuana flower.


Lots of people are asking “How To Fill a Vape Cartridge With Distillate?”. To fill a distillate vape cartridge, you’ll need the oil itself, the cartridge, a syringe, and a heat source. The syringe will be used to inject the distillate into the cartridge reservoir, and the heat source makes the distillate more fluid to make it easier to inject. Once filled, the distillate can be vaporized and inhaled, providing users with an instantaneous and effective way to consume cannabis.

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