THC Distillate FAQ

How much is a gram of distillate?

buy bulk distillate

A gram of THC Distillate cost between $5 and $40 in Canada. The average cost of a gram of distillate is about $30. What makes such a big difference in the price? Well it depends on the type of distillate you are looking for, do you need bulk distillate, one syringe or one cart? The work involved really depends on the final product.

Bulk distillate can be as low as $5 per gram, when distillate carts usually cost around $40. Also some people like to reintroduce terpenes in their distillate so when you buy distillate with a specific strain you can be sure that natural terpenes have been added. This will also get the cost up a little bit. However it will offer you a better experience if you are looking for the specific effects of a strain.

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